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Let Your Drill Do the Hard Work!

#4 Hacks We Know You'll Love ❤️

Easily replace a nail in your wall, fix a loose bolt in your door, make a DIY chair, and create a personalized study table for your kids. These are just some of the typical ways on how you can use your electric hand drills. Handy, isn’t it? No wonder almost every household has at least one hand drill in their garage!

But what if we tell you that drills can also be used beyond your workshop or your garage? Yes! You You can use your electric hand drills in  more practical ways. With the right attachments, your drills can go beyond fixing and repairing!

Hack #1 - Cleaning stubborn mud on surfaces.

Removing stubborn mud and grime around your garage is probably the hardest kind of cleaning, but it’s almost inevitable. Just one spill of oil from your car, and there comes stubborn stains! It can take hours and hours of scratching just to get them off the surface. Not only is it really tiring, but it’s very counter-productive too!

But the thing is, your electric hand drill can do that endless scratching immediately. With the help of a cleaning drill attachment, removing stubborn dirt on the surface is only a matter of seconds. 

Drill Brush Attachment

We recommend that you look for cleaning drill attachments with nylon brush heads. Fabric or cloth attachments might not withstand the continuous pressure of your drill and may be torn apart during cleaning. The nylon brush heads are also more effective in cleaning as they scratch the surfaces instead of just wiping them. 

Let your drill do the endless cleaning effortlessly!

Hack #2 - Save your back from all the digging! 

Gardening has surged in popularity recently as a widespread hobby. However, not everyone possesses the necessary skills to nurture a plant to its full potential. While growing seeds in a pot may seem straightforward, the real challenge arises when it's time to transplant them into your garden, or when having to dig holes in the soil for the hundreds of bulbs you want to plant. 

But don’t worry. There are lots of available planting augers that will do the dirty work for you! This drill attachment for gardening can dig through all kinds of soils such as compacted garden beds, solid clay, shale soil, and so much more. 

The digging speed of your drill will also be very helpful. You can make five holes in your garden in just a minute- that means five plants for you! Imagine how many seeds you can plant with the speed of your electric hand drill.

And because of the length of this garden drill bit, you can even use it to transfer a mature plant from one place to another. You can dig holes deep enough to accommodate growing roots.


Hack #3 - Removing weeds and other foreign objects in your garden.

Weeds are the number one enemy of gardeners. Not only can they be harmful to your plants, but they can destroy your garden’s aesthetic as well! But no matter how we despise them, they just continue to grow, and removing them can take so much time and effort!

In removing weeds, you have to uproot them completely. This is what hand drill planting augers do. They dig into the soil and remove the weeds from their roots without damaging the plants beside them. Furthermore, because of the electric hand drill’s high speed, they can remove the weeds fast compared to other techniques.

Eazy Garden - Planting Auger

Just like with the weeds, this planting auger can remove foreign objects in your garden soil. Remove the trash, rocks, plastics, and other things that could hinder your plants’ growth. 


Hack #4 - Mixing compost, cement, paint, & more...

Mud is essential in decorating your house as it is used to even out your walls’ surface. Without the right consistency of your mud, your paint and wallpaper will look unattractive.But mixing mud can be one heck of a job. It could probably be the hardest thing to mix with your bare hands. It’s so hard that you can even grow your biceps while doing it! 

Good thing that this gardening drill bit can also work as a mud mixer! It can mix your mud into the right consistency in an instant and without dirtying your hands. 

Furthermore, this drill attachment can be used as a paint mixer, too! It can mix various colors and bases of paints hassle-free. Because of its drilling pressure, no color spots would be left unmixed. You can get the exact personalized paint color and consistency that you have in mind! 

Electric hand drills sure are trustworthy when it comes to fixing and repairs, but it could be a lot more than that! Turn your units into cleaning and gardening drills in an instant. Just imagine the savings you can have with all these cheap drill attachments!

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