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Top 10 Jokes and Quotes About Gardening

“Gardening is boring.”

This is perhaps the biggest lie ever known to man. Sure enough, it takes hard work, patience, and a load of sweat… but it can actually be the most fun thing you’ll ever do!

Digging? Fun? Seriously? 🤔

This is why we compiled some of the best quotes and jokes about gardening. Some will make you drop dead in laughing while some will inspire you, but all will make you think that gardening really is worth it!


1. What a Drama Queen 👑


2. Weed World

"A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows."

-  Doug Larson

3. Yoda in Curls

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4. Must. Work. Every. Day. 💪

"God made rainy days, so gardeners could get the housework done."

5. Curse of the Garden Placards. 

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6. To All the Bulbs I’ve Loved Before 💔

"Bulb: potential flower buried in Autumn, never to be seen again."

-  Henry Beard

7. Strict parents.

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8. Lonely Nights > Lonely Garden

My wife said that if I buy any more plants he would leave me.

Damn!  I'm going to miss that woman.

9. How do gardeners say you're ugly? 🤣

"Like a prune, you are not getting any better looking, but you are getting sweeter."

- N. D. Stice

10. I’m not crying you are. 💖👨‍🌾🌱


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