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6 ways planting augers increase garden productivity

There are over thousands of gardening tools available in the market today. However, only a handful of them is truly essential because they can perform most garden activities, from soil preparation to harvesting. You snatch those, and you won’t need the other complicated gardening tools!

One of these all-around tools is planting augers. One earth auger can improve your gardening experience by 90%. Don’t believe us? We’ve come up with a list of 6 ways planting augers improve garden productivity.

But before that why not learn a bit more about planting augers and how awesome they are? This video below highlights some of the key benefits! 

(Make sure to stick until the end of the article as we also have a special graphic for you on how you should properly use your planting augers!)

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6 ways planting augers increase garden productivity

1. Better harvest because of consistent (and correct) hole sizes.


Most people don’t realize the importance of consistent and correct hole sizes.


Correct hole sizes determine the amount of water and nutrients your seeds will get from the soil. Say that some of your seeds are way below the recommended soil level. They may not be able to absorb the right amount of water that they need. This will directly affect their germination.

Aside from this, if they do germinate, the incorrect hole sizes will still pose problems. These will either place them too near to each other that their roots may not grow properly or too far from each other that you’re wasting space on your garden bed. 

Creating the right hole sizes will be difficult when using shovels or spades. You would need to dig big holes and backfill them just to get the correct sizes. 

But multifunctional planting augers are specifically designed to do so. Just stick them into your soil, turn them on, and you get the proper depth and size of holes for your seeds.

2. 75% increased gardening speed.

The best thing about planting augers is that they bring the speed and efficiency of your hand drill to your garden. As a result, you get increased planting speed by 75%.

Shoveling by hand isn't just time-consuming, but it can also drain your energy. Instead of having enough time and energy to work on other gardening activities such as watering or creating compost, you will be too drained because of shoveling. 

With planting augers, you can do your shoveling tasks in less than an hour. This will allow you to tend to other gardening activities, thus, maximizing your garden productivity! 

3. Less maintenance

Most garden tools and equipment require consistent maintenance. Your shovels, weed cutters, and trowels need to be sharpened two times a year to keep their maximum performance. Lawnmowers and hedge trimmers need constant machine checkups.

multifunctional planting augers high quality planting augers

Planting augers require less maintenance. In fact, if you snatched high-quality planting augers made of good steel, then you wouldn’t need to sharpen or oil them frequently. 

Wondering why? Planting augers have fewer chances of being “overused” because of the regulated pressure your hand drills provide.

4. Better and faster backfilling

Backfilling is as important as digging holes. And the most common problem gardeners encounter when backfilling is the clumped and compacted soil. 

Regular shovels and rakes can dig holes, but it would be hard to break compacted soil with them. And no matter how good your compost is or how perfect the position of your garden is, if you backfilled your holes with clumped soil, your seeds won’t germinate if they’re surrounded by compacted soil.

On the other hand, planting augers break compacted and clumped soil while digging. Because of its sharp edge and continuous pressure can go through solid clay, stony ground, and more.

Not to mention that planting augers only need a minute to do so!

5. Easier weed removal

Most people think that removing weeds in your garden is just about moving the grass top. This is wrong. When you don’t remove the weeds by roots, they will just regrow the next day instantly, and they can feed on your soil’s nutrients meant for your plants.

benefits of planting augers in gardening


This is why the proper way to remove weeds is to pluck them out of your soil, including the roots. And planting augers do just that. They dig into your soil deep enough to pluck the roots of the weeds. 

Don’t be afraid that you might accidentally cut your plants while removing weeds with planting augers. You won’t. The thin body of the best planting augers and their appropriate sizes will give you the perfect control in removing the weed so you won’t accidentally harm your plants. 

6. Capable of continuous use

Because planting augers are automatic, they will save you lots of time and energy. This way, you wouldn’t need to take a break now and then to avoid back pain or to catch your breath. 

The capacity to work continuously increases your efficiency by 90%. So much so that you would even have enough time to spend with your family even if you tend a garden the whole day.

Aside from this, planting augers are some of the few types of electric gardening equipment you can use continuously, especially if you match them with capable power hand drills. This allows you to tend to your garden continually without the need to take a break to check your tools every minute.

We know that the effectiveness of all gardening tools lies with their proper use. Because of that, here is a quick guide on how to use your planting auger properly! 

(Don’t be shy, you can screenshot this for future use!)

guide to planting auger kinds guide to planting auger sizes


Do you already believe that planting augers can increase your garden productivity? We hope so! Make sure also to check our graphics about the sizes of planting augers to make sure you’ll be using them correctly. 

You can try one for yourself if you’re still doubtful. One auger won’t hurt!

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