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5 Special Tips in Garden Decoration

Most people don’t realize that lawn and garden decoration can really make or break your entire house’s look. Even though you have an elegant and sophisticated house, it will still look chaotic if it’s paired with a messy garden.

This is why when you’re planning your dream house, it’s also important to plan your dream garden. And we will help you achieve that attractive garden through this list of special tips in garden decoration. Bring out your pens, as most of these steps are often missed out by garden owners!

By the end of this list, you’re ready to create a garden that will just charm all your guests! 


  1. Consider the plants you're going to grow.

In spite of various garden ornaments available, your plants are still the most important decorations in your garden. Their growth and development should still be the priority on how your lawn and garden should be. Your plants will dictate how the sections and spaces of your garden would go.

If you’re thinking of growing flowers, make sure that they’ll be placed in a section where there is direct sunlight. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of growing some vegetables, you should have spacious plant beds as they should be planted apart from each other.


  1. Clean your lawn and garden.

Removing weeds, shrubs, and other unwanted plants should be the next move. You won’t be able to proceed with the following steps if you don’t have clean ground.

It’s recommended that you use heavy-duty grass trimmers, those that can really remove weeds from their roots. This is because growing weeds and plants can ruin the hardscape of your garden later on. They can result in stunted growth on your plants, too.

  1. Hardscape.

Hardscape is probably the hardest part of lawn and garden decoration, but it’s something you can’t skip. Aside from the fact that it includes your walkway, the sight of pure soil, grass, and plants isn’t appealing.

Here’s our tip in making the best hardscape for your garden: DO IT ON YOUR OWN. Yes, go DIY! 

Sure enough, there are lots of stores where you can buy concrete, cobblestones, and others. You can have them installed by professionals, too. But these things can be really expensive and boring!

On the other hand, when you do the hardscape on your own, you get to decide the kind of cement you’re going to use, the color, the shape, the size, and pretty much everything. You’ll never have to worry about the hardscape affecting your plants. You’re less likely to do re-decoration.

Some DIY Garden Path Makers provide numerous designs such as traditional horizontal ones, octagon, and other fancy shapes. The best thing about them is that you can re-use them anytime!


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  1. Mix and match plants, mix and match soil.

The secret to a beautiful garden and lawn is the combination of elements. When you become monotonous on your plants and soil, it can be dull to the eyes, not to mention that it will look like a wild garden!

Mix and match flowers on your garden bed. Mix and match plants on their pots. Doing this will make your garden look like a large bouquet. Playful and pleasant! Just make sure that you combine flowers and plants that thrive on the same soil.

Your lawn should have a combination of various soil types, too. From loam soil, clay, stony ground to shale soil. This will give texture to your garden. It will also allow you to grow variations of plants too. For example, the blazing star flower grows on clay soil.

  1. Consider your garden maintenance.

Pieces of maintenance equipment are the most common things that ruin lawn and garden decors. But no matter how unaesthetic they may seem, your garden needs them.

This is why it’s important to consider them when planning your decoration. Consider where your irrigation set would run, where you’ll place your lights, your sprinklers, and others. This way, you can actually conceal them while decorating.

Say, for example, the long water tube of your irrigation set. You can place a water supply near your flower bed so that the tubes won’t go from your garage all the way to your plants. 

Do you already have a plan on your head? Do it now! Now that we’re all stuck in our houses, there’s no better time to decorate our gardens than now.


Images from My Garden Life, idioticfashion, and Pahl's Market
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